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Central Maryland Ecumenical Council
A Christian Voice for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Equality  
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Our Mission:

The Central Maryland Ecumenical Council is a Christian community seeking to make the "Beloved Community" both visible and real.

We seek to do this advocating on behalf of any environmental, racial, social, and/or economic issue which does not affirm the imago dei of all persons regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, or socio-economic status.   We invite you to learn more about what it means to be a member of the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council community.
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​Central Maryland Ecumenical Council's Statement 
on the Violence against the Jewish Community in Pittsburgh

Once again, our country has experienced a week of hateful acts; culminating in the senseless murders of people in worship at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. This week alone, we witnessed brutal hate crimes in Louisville, KY and Pittsburgh, PA; while simultaneously trying to deal with bombs mailed to news media personalities, former presidents, and democratic leaders. This week, we saw media personalities failing to understand the damage and degradation of "black face." This week, we once again saw our country as it truly exists in 2018.

Therefore, as the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council (CMEC), we must speak. The CMEC does not have a vote in this country's general election, but it has something so much more powerful. It has a God-ordained mandate to speak truth, heal hurts, and birth dreams. The CMEC has a mandate to speak at times such as these, to be the remnant that still believes in the Beloved Community.

So, we write to Louisville, to Pittsburgh, and to others around the country. We write to condemn the actions of people filled with hate. We write to support those affected by evil rhetoric and xenophobic behavior.

 We write to represent a God of eternal love for all. Now, we lift up our voice and our vote to say enough is enough. We offer our collective anointing to fight all evil forces, powers and principalities. We, the CMEC, offer love over hate; truth over lies; and dreams over destruction. We offer a Beloved Community.

On Behalf of the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council

Rev. Dellyne Hinton, Board President
Rev. Frank Lance, Executive Director