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Central Maryland Ecumenical Council
A Christian Voice for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Equality  
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Our Mission:

The Central Maryland Ecumenical Council is a Christian community seeking to make the "Beloved Community" both visible and real.

We seek to do this advocating on behalf of any environmental, racial, social, and/or economic issue which does not affirm the imago dei of all persons regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, or socio-economic status.   We invite you to learn more about what it means to be a member of the Central Maryland Ecumenical Council community.
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We are experiencing life drastically different in some ways and amplified in others. Many of us are worried and concerned for the future, the future of the church, of the nation, and of our loved ones and ourselves. We are on this lifeboat that is shaking with every new wind that blows. Our faith keeps us tethered to hope in the midst of the storm of life. Our prayers are received by One who says “Peace, be still.” Our loss is manifested in our confusion, yet God brought order out of chaos from our very beginning. 

It is in this turmoil, darkness that we will and do see God at work. Neighbor helping neighbor, strangers becoming family, and turning toward God, publicly and privately. It is not just turning that is necessary. We are called to serve as we wait to arrive onshore. We must continue to be the church, to be fully engaged members of society, and to participate in the righting of this lifeboat. 

The Lord tells us not to worry. We have been trained for such a time as this. The Lord rebukes the storm and all is calm. Yet we still need to make it to the shore. We have been trained for such a time as this. It is time to be the church. Not only must we vote, but we need to assure that every vote is counted. Not only that every vote is counted, but let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream! (NIV)

Our serving is not just for ourselves to survive the pandemic of CoVid 19. Our serving is brought all to the shores exercising our training and faith, and to conquer the pandemic of racism, violence, and poverty. We are coming into the Beloved Community with new friends and family. We are coming into the Beloved Community having sought the survival of all, the prosperity of all. We are coming into the Beloved Community shaken, lost, and scared. Peace, be still… the Beloved Community is just ahead.

Yours in the storm

Rev. Dellyne Hinton
Central Maryland Ecumenical Council

CMEC invites you to raise your voice, sign, and honk your horn as we continue to participate in seeking justice through our democracy. No matter who you voted for, we all seek a fair and just resolution through our American democracy. On November 4, let us set aside partisanship and call for all votes to be counted and the results to be peacefully accepted. Let's celebrate, demonstrate, and congratulate our American Democracy! Please register at counteveryvotemd.org/nov4