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Central Maryland Ecumenical Council
A Christian Voice for Peace, Justice, Sustainability, and Equality  

Central Maryland Ecumenical Council 
Board of Directors

(Listed Alphabetically)

Ms. Nichole Battle                               (GEDCO) 

Rev. Dr. William Calhoun, Sr.        (Baptist)

Rev. Carol Cook                                    (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. Dr. Thomas Culbertson           (Episcopal)

Rev. Frances "Toni" Draper            (AME Zion)

Dr. Patricia Fosarelli                         (The Ecumenical Institute)

Rev. Dellyne Hinton                           (United Methodist Church)

Ms. Kathryn Johnson                         (Christian Science)

Dr. William Kladky                            (Presbyterian)

Rev. Neil O'Farrell                               (Lutheran)

Ms. Patricia Rath                                (The Ecumenical Institute)

Rev. Carolyn Roberts                          (United Church of  Christ)

Rev. Richard H. Tillman                   (Roman Catholic)

Rev. Fred Weimert                               (Baptist) 

Rev. Dr. Franklin Lance                    (Baptist)
Executive Director 

CMEC's Executive Committee

Rev. Dell Hinton - President

Rev. Fred Weimert - Vice President

Ms. Nichole Battle - Secretary

Rev. Neil O'Farrell - Treasurer